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Randolph Lalonde

Rebel: Spinward Fringe Broadcast 14 - Paperback Book

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A resistance group, led by Stephanie Vega and Shamus Frost on the Tamber moon struggles to fight Wheeler and the Order of Eden as another small group of fighters led by Jacob Valent and Admiral Rice plan a daring attack that they hope will devastate their enemies and free their people. Will it pay off, or will the price they pay for resistance be too high?

The leadership of the Haven Fleet must try or orchestrate all its efforts and expand before the Order of Eden or Edxi catch them. All the while, an old force in the galaxy stirs and no one knows which side they'll turn against.

Format: Trade Paperback measuring 6" x 9" or 15.24cm by 22.86cm.

Each will come signed by the author. If you'd like a specific inscription, please make a note when you order.