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Randolph Lalonde

Pursuit: Spinward Fringe Broadcast 15

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Alice Valent, Noah "Carnie" Lucas and the crew of the Clever Dream are delving into the galactic underworld in search of resistance groups and Mary Reed, an elusive leader amongst the rebels. Will they find her? Will their efforts to arm resistance fighters once again result in disaster?

A new wave of Order of Eden forces is entering the fray while Haven tries to build its defences and fill the ranks. Dame and Easy, two pilots are behind enemy lines, watching their enemy take over, dig in and make their own efforts to lure people to their side. Will Dame and Easy be able to get away so they can report what they've seen, or will they end up in the clutches of Admiral Scanlon, the new Order of Eden leader tasked with the mission to either destroy Haven Fleet or render it irrelevant?

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