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Randolph Lalonde

Psycho Electric: A Spinward Fringe Novel [EBook]

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Rafe became a cyborg when his aunt sold his body to pay her debt. Left only with his human head and a rough, industrial cyborg body, he is on the run from his master. We find Rafe in the megacity of New Udalpur, where he's been able to hide amongst a massive diverse population that's more interested in social media, earning platinum, or trying to visit Earth to pay much attention to him.

Thanks to a daring caper, his curiosity, and a little heroism, Rafe is about to be in more trouble than he can handle. Strap in for an adventure that includes a bossy unofficial superintendent, shapeshifters, trips through full-dive virtual reality deathmatches, rude but colourful gangsters, social media influencers, spaceships, a wasteland, a ruthless Captain, irate pedestrians and so much more.

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