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Randolph Lalonde

Chaos Core Books 1, 2 & 3 in Print, Signed

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The first three books in the Chaos Core series are finally in print. So, for the first time, you can have a set signed by the author. These are trade paperbacks measuring 6" x 9" or 15.24cm by 22.86cm.

About the books:

The Chaos Core Series was the second series set in the Spinward Fringe Universe, featuring an escaped slave named Aspen. Set centuries in the future, the adventure takes place in the Core Worlds, where humanity and other civilized races have built megacities, created centres of industry and expanded from with great ambition.

Unfortunately, humanity is recovering from the Fourth Fall. Technology turned against them, and over a trillion were murdered. The smoke is still clearing and escaped slaves are being hunted, leaving Aspen in a dangerous position. 

The adventure begins when Aspen is discovered and takes her into a whirlwind of events that bring her together with new friends, old enemies and big problems. The Core Worlds are trying to re-establish order, but chaos is not an easy beast to tame.

Your books will be individually bagged, well protected and shipped from Ontario, Canada.